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"We are excited for Katie's bold leadership and fresh perspective, and we hope you are too!"


I.U.P.A. Local 7408 Kitsap County Sheriff's Lieutenant Association

Kitsap County Democrats

Kitsap County Democratic Women

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe

Suquamish Tribe

Washington 23rd Legislative District Democrats

Washington 35th Legislative District Democrats

Elected Officials

Derek Kilmer, 6th Congressional District Representative

Christine Rolfes, Washington State Senator, LD23

Phil Rockefeller, Washington State Senator, LD23 (Ret)

Drew Hansen, Washington State Legislator, LD23

Tarra Simmons, Washington State Legislator, LD23

John Gese, Kitsap County Sheriff

Gary Simpson, Kitsap County Sheriff (Ret)

Chad Enright, Kitsap County Prosecutor

Joe Deets, City of Bainbridge Island Mayor and District 7, North Ward Council Member

Greg Wheeler, City of Bremerton Mayor

Cary Bozeman, Port of Bremerton Commissioner & Former Mayor of Bremerton

John Horsley, Kitsap County Commissioner (Ret)

Kol Medina, Former Mayor of Bainbridge Island

Denise Frey, Bremerton City Council Member, District 2

Jeff Coughlin, Bremerton City Council Member, District 3

Michael Goodnow, Bremerton City Council Member, District 6

Ed Stern, Poulsbo Council Member, Pos. No. 5 

Alyson Rotter, Bremerton School Board President

John Paul Hurley, Bremerton School Board Vice President

Dr. Karen Bolton, Bremerton School Board Director

Community Members

Matt Augspurger

Rev. Dr. Susie Beil

Karen Bevers 

Chad Birkenfeld

Dr. Irene Bowling

Harriette Bryant

Naveen Chaudhary

Tom Coleman

Jenn Collins

Lillian Crawford

David De Bruyn

Melody Sky Eisler

Molly Evans

Mary Beth Fergus

Edwin Ferris

Wendy Fox

Beverly Frye

Kristi & Keith Fuller 

David Gitch

Rande Gjerstad

Karan Glaze

Jeanine Greco

Renee Greenfield

Mickey & Betsy Hall

Kelly Harader

Maxwell Hughey

Mark Hughes, Central Kitsap Community Council President

Thomas Jacobs

Ash Jones, Mrs. Washington, World America 2022-23

Wendy Kile

Susana & Jay Knapp

Elizabeth Knobloch

Debra Lester

Anne & Brad Lunden

Matt Macklin

Lisa Massey

Michael Matz

Will Maupin


Jeffrey Menge

Carli & Mike Meurs

Christine Meyer

Carly Michelson

Marietta Nelson-Bittle 

Alan Newberg

Ashley Oaksmith

Paul Ofsthun

Carl Olson

Anthony Otto

Jennifer Pebbles

John Powers

Dana Quitslund

Jon Rauch

Gretchen Ritter-Lopatowski

Greg Robinson

Amy Rose

Trevor Ross

Heidi Scheibner 

Gary Schmitz

Michelle Schmitz

Martha Segerman

Marcella Shinder

Bob & KC Simcic

Marlaina Simmons 

Theresa Smith

Rogina Steiner

Lisa Stirrett

Dr. Dora Summers-Ewing

Angie Tomisser

Sheresa and Jim Van Antwerp

Karen Vargas

Lauren Walsh

Kelley & Nathan Walters

Sheila Walters

Marie Weichman

Lasayia Wheeler

Diane Yetter

Endorsement Statements

Katie Walters is a long time leader in our community and I'm impressed by her passion and commitment to making life better for families and workers in Kitsap County. I'm proud to endorse her campaign for Kitsap County Commissioner. — Derek Kilmer
United States Congressman CD-6
I have worked with Katie extensively and always found her to be open minded, educated on the topic at hand and collaborative in working towards solutions.  She is a valuable leader in our community and would make a remarkable impact on our community as Kitsap County Commissioner.   — John Gese
Kitsap County Sheriff
Katie has the admirable qualities of a genuine servant-leader: she puts the needs of others at the top of her agenda, listens carefully to diverse viewpoints, seeks consensus, and makes sound decisions. She will be an outstanding County Commissioner. I am proud to support her and encourage you to do the same. — Phil Rockefeller
State Senator, 23rd L.D. (Ret.)
I cannot think of a better candidate for County Commissioner than my friend Katie Walters. I have worked with Katie for the past six years as a board member of Leadership Kitsap and I never fail to be amazed at how much she accomplishes and her ability to bring people together. She is a true leader and a amazing person. It's my honor to endorse Katie Walters for Kitsap County Commissioner. — Cary Bozeman
Port of Bremerton Commissioner and former Mayor of Bremerton
I know personally of Katie’s mentorship to dozens and dozens of our county’s next generation of leaders in both the business community and public organizations thru her directorship of Leadership Kitsap for years now.
And NOW is the time to make her a leader in our county government! 
— Ed Stern
Poulsbo Council Member, Pos. No. 5
I've chosen to endorse Katie Walters now, before the primary. I believe that Katie's depth of knowledge of Countywide issues provides a foundation of common ground from which to work. Her connections with community leaders will build a more collaborative style on the Board of Commissioners and I look forward to working with her! — Denise Frey
Bremerton City Council Member, District 2
Katie Walters embodies leadership. She is a community organizer with a passion for connecting people to achieve solutions to our most pressing problems. She places others first and is exactly the type of Commissioner we need right now to tackle Kitsap's current and future challenges. — Jeff Coughlin
Bremerton City Council Member, District 3
I was thrilled when I heard that Katie intended to run for Kitsap County Commissioner. In the years I have known Katie, she has dedicated her life and career for the betterment of Kitsap County. Instead of a bunch of talk, Katie has shown her values through her actions. Katie will bring new energy, ideas, and passion to a position that desperately needs it. Katie will do what is best for Kitsap County and that is why I endorse her as a candidate for Commissioner.
— John Paul Hurley
Bremerton School Board Vice President
Katie has both the track record personality and temperament to lead Kitsap in the right direction, right now. I'm fired up for her to take on the role. — Matt Macklin
I have known Katie for several years. A true leader and professional who makes Kitsap County a better place. Being a lifelong resident with deep family roots in KItsap County, she will definitely get my vote. — Chad Birkenfeld
Katie is more than a servant leader; she is a visionary and knows how to get stuff done! I've learned so much from her bold and innovative leadership through Covid and conflict resolution, and she has thrived! Katie's leadership skills make her an exemplary candidate to steer our community in a better and more thoughtful direction. — Gretchen Ritter-Lopatowski
Business Owner
Happy to add my name in support. We've had a yard sign up since before the August primary. — Carl Olson
Past Chair, Kitsap County Democrats
Katie Walters is exactly the leader we need as County Commissioner. I’ve known her for over 10 years, serving with her on the Leadership Kitsap Board of Directors and at Olympic College. She is deeply connected to the Kitsap County services and organizations and motivated to make a difference. She is the force of nature that we need in county leadership. — Thomas Jacobs
Katie cares! Her leadership experience and collaboration skills are exactly what we need right now. Katie's network is broad because this is her home. She will do what's right every time and that's why I'm voting for Katie Walters. — Marie Weichman
Katie is a good friend to me and to the whole Kitsap community. We volunteered together in our children's classrooms at Jackson Park Elementary and she helped coordinate meaningful learning opportunities for a whole generation of students through art, museum events, and community history projects. She has been a wise, kind leader who has invested in nearly a decade of Kitsap area leaders. I can't think of a better person to lead our county into the future. — Dr. Rev. Susie Beil
Katie Walters is a passionate community member who pours herself wholeheartedly into everything she takes on. She is committed to action and accountability and I stand behind her in this campaign. — Angie Tomisser
Associate Principal at Rice Fergus Miller
Katie Walters will bring an innovative fresh approach to governance in Central Kitsap. Her experience as a community volunteer and Director of Leadership Kitsap has given her a unique connection and insight to needs of our community. A skilled communicator, an effective executive and a collaborative leader, Katie will come to the job of County Commissioner prepared and ready to make positive changes for Central Kitsap. — Jon Rauch

I'm so proud to endorse my friend Katie Walters for County Commissioner. She's smart, compassionate, collaborative and creative. Running for office and being an elected official is not easy, especially with the political climate today. I admire her willingness to serve our community in this way.

— Karen Bevers
I have known Katie personally for 10 years. I have been both Katie’s coworker and co-volunteer on many occasions and I have experienced Katie’s remarkable ability to connect people, places and purpose. As the Executive Director of Leadership Kitsap, Katie has a long history of Servant Leadership. She not only embodies the qualities of Servant Leadership, she has mentored many of our public leaders to become Servant Leaders. When elected, Katie will be the leader that will listen to and serve her constituents. She will be the leader that honors your vote for her. — Linda Cox
I taught Katie's boys and worked with her on Eagle Scout projects at the Newberry Hill Heritage Park. I have always been impressed with her energy, professionalism, and leadership ability. She will make a GREAT county commissioner! — Tom Coleman
CKSD Educator
So excited to see Katie Walters as commissioner. Her dedication to getting things done with Leadership Kitsap has been incredible. Having her use those get-it-organized-and-get-it-done skills in the commissioner seat is exactly what Kitsap needs. — Matt Augspurger
Katie's leadership style is bold and refreshing! Over the years that I have known her, she has shown a passion for forging and maintaining collaborative relationships to hear diverse perspectives and translate conversations into actions. Her genuine personality and proven commitment to the Kitsap Community are exactly the change we need. — Heidi Scheibner
Katie is an exemplary leader and has lead our community in as many ways for a number of years. She is an ideal candidate for this role. — Naveen Chaudhary
Katie is the collaborative and creative leader we need right now in Kitsap County. I have had the honor of working with Katie and witnessing her unparalleled ability to build coalitions and produce real solutions for our communities. I am proud to endorse Katie to lead us all to where Kitsap County should be. — Jeffrey Menge
Katie Walters is dedicated to the people of Kitsap County and has served selflessly in her various roles over the years. Under her guidance, the Leadership Kitsap organization has flourished, and I believe she will bring the same energy, drive, and open ear when she is elected County Commissioner. — Ashley Oaksmith
I have worked with Katie on the board for Leadership Kitsap and have been nothing but impressed by her intelligence, hard work and ability to act as a true servant leader. — Trevor Ross
I worked with Katie for years. I know she will be a wonderful Commissioner. — John Pizzo
Small Business Owner
Katie has many accolades to consider, but it is her genuine passion for positive change and uplifting local community members that makes her the perfect addition to our County Commissioners' lineup. She has an inherent need to connect people with resources and to find improved processes to help us do more in better ways. Katie is awesome! — Carli Meurs
Program Manager
Katie is dedicated to Kitsap County’s future through her positive servant leadership. Her work with Leadership Kitsap, volunteerism, and service on nonprofit and governmental boards, makes her a perfect candidate for County Commissioner. She leads with her exemplary emotional intelligence and political acumen. — Melody Sky Eisler
I have known Katie Walter's for 30+ years and have always known her to be responsible, intelligent and hard working. She would be an asset to anything she sets her mind on including County Commissioner. I proudly endorse her for this position. — Martha Segerman
I want to see Katie Walters become our next Kitsap County Commissioner because she will seek to mange our affairs in a manner that is balanced, reasonable and uplifting. She will seek to build consensus and include everyone affected by an issue at the table. She will seek to build up everyone's quality of life. I see her opponent as being very pro-business and supporting first the "people like him." Our county is more than just its businesses - it's full of retirees, educators, students, commuters, farmers, the homed and the homeless. Katie will balance the needs of the residents with the needs of our collective business interests. Kitsap County will thrive under Katie's leadership. I hope she wins! — Michael Matz
I have seen Katie in action. We need her organization and leadership here in Kitsap! — Beverly Frye
We need Katie’s creativity, compassion and commitment to community. Join me in electing Katie Walters for Kitsap County Commissioner!! — Anne & Brad Lunden
Mrs. Walters has been involved in our community for many years; diving into volunteer positions well beyond her call of duty at the office. It's incredible when you come across a person who is as energetic and dedicated as Katie, and when you do, you keep them around. — Gary Schmitz
Process Manager
Katie is a Community leader in all senses of the title. She pours her heart into the people around her and is motived by the positivity she exudes. — Michelle Schmitz
Office Manager
Katie is a great person. She steps out of her way to say, "Hello" and ask how you're doing, even if you just met. She has the kind, yet professional, nature about her that we need in the people representing us. — Mike Meurs

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